About Jim Stigman

Residing in St. Cloud, Minnesota, Jim Stigman works closely with individuals, families and small business owners to design financial strategies that meet their unique goals and objectives.

Jim Stigman possesses a unique 5-step process called the MoneyTruth Method that brings his clients greater freedom, confidence and clarity in all areas of their lives.

Step 1: Gather pertinent financial data and create the client’s Money Mission.
Step 2: Find gaps and traps, debunk financial myths, and apply truth to the client’s Money Mission.
Step 3: Discover financial strategies that align with the Money Mission.
Step 4: Use our network to identify and implement the right products, strategies, and services.
Step 5: Stay focused on the Money Mission, continually looking for ways to add value.

Most people live in a consumer structure. They are trapped by money: it drives all of their decisions (i.e. the house they live in, the cars they drive, the vacations they take, where their kids go to college, etc.) Someone making $75,000/year will most likely unknowingly and unnecessarily transfer away a significant portion of their income to taxes, interest charges, lost compounding, undue risk, and poor choices. This “leakage” will continue to drive them downward into a position of captivity.

On the other hand, there are those who enjoy a completely different life. Their decisions are not dictated by money, but by the most important things in their lives. They have discovered ways to recapture the money that would typical be lost. By doing so, they continue to move into an increased position of freedom.

What Jim has discovered is that there is a missing structure between those who are experiencing captivity and those who are experiencing freedom. He created the MoneyTruth Method to help more people move toward freedom.


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